Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Five Years

It's been five years since my ex-husband asked for a divorce.
Five years. Here are things that happened in five years.

  • I was broken, devastated, severely hurt, anxious, depressed, tired, angry, confused, bitter, disappointed, disgusted, etc. 
But then I...
  • Relocated closer to my family and away from possible encounters with the Ex (so far so good).
  • Started a brand new job in a new-to-me field. Worked hard, obtained more credentials, received a promotion and am now the department Lead.
  • Met so very many new people: as friends, as love interests and as coworkers.
  • Got my own place where it was just me. 
  • Picked up a part-time job then quit it to start a different and more enjoyable part-time job.
  • Spent time with my siblings and relatives. Attended family gatherings frequently.
  • Started seeing a really wonderful person.
  • Did some cool stuff like skydiving, kayaking, shooting guns, etc.
  • Attended shows & concerts, went to hockey, football & baseball games.
  • Went to Italy for 18 days with my best friend and paid in cash for the entire thing.
  • Survived a week long vacation to drive to Oregon and back with the boyfriend.
  • Reached personal financial goals and paid off about half of my student loan accounts while building my savings & investing in my portfolio.
  • Am planning a trip next year with my best friend to the U.K. for 3 weeks.
I've been trying to allow myself to be in uncomfortable yet exciting situations as long as it's "good exciting/uncomfortable" and not the bad kind. It doesn't mean I have to like it but I ought to at least try new things or be willing to try. There are a lot of things I've been afraid to try but went for it that I ended up really enjoying like skydiving, kayaking (even bought my own kayak!), crossfit, learning about and serving great food, wine & beer, and even beer itself. I didn't much enjoy beer before moving up here and now I get to try so many new and different types of beers due to my job. I get to try foods I would have never known about or thought twice about trying (crudo, sweet breads, soft shell crab, octopus, stinging nettle to name a few). I would have never known about the deliciousness of Mulligatawny soup. 

A whole other world opened up for me and I am eternally grateful and happy for it. I don't have to like how the change came about but I have come to terms with the circumstances. 

Life is so, so good and I am happy. That's all I need to say here: I'm happy.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Officially Divorced


I received my papers in the mail today.  

It's official.  

We are divorced as of February 28, 2013.

I am legally single.

Now I need to change my name and get my own health insurance coverage.  Wheeee fun!